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Accurate ChatGPT responses from your content without making up facts. All within a secure, privacy-first, business-grade platform.

The PxBot human team builds custom ChatGPT search engines for your business data. We are a fully managed human resource consulting service. 

Embedded search example: The PxBot below has been trained with a previous years National Parks Service employee handbook. Take it for a test drive in 92 languages and be sure to check its source material!

Replaces SOP binders and FAQ pages. Gives your customers and employees the data they need when they need it.
Companies save time by eliminating repetitive questions with easy automation. 
 Users can ask anything they want over and over. Save your managers hours of time. 
Add live chat to your website or intranet. 
Your bot can be built in as little as a day.

PxBot turns your business materials into an automated, self-service powerhouse. 

  • Smart, secure, and provides employees with a personalized experience.

  • It ensures that employees have the right information when they need it. Take learning and development to a whole new level.

  • PxBot is an innovative solution that empowers employees to access business materials quickly and efficiently. With PxBot, you can easily mobilize materials.

  • Your website, pdfs, onboarding documents, youtube videos are all searchable in one convenient search bar. 

How it Works

Customers securely provide PxBot with corporate materials: websites, pdf, doc, ppt, and youtube videos. Real humans from the PxBot team train your bot and walk you through every step.

 Users query your private bot and get an instant response in their language with citations. Everything you want them to know is now at their fingertips.

"AI won't take your job but someone using it will"

-Abraham Lincoln

*Remember this AI Tech is new and not perfect. Always check your sources which we provide.

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